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32nd cafe blockchain event poster about tokenomics and token economy Parham lilian and Hossein Ghazanfari

32nd Cafe Blockchain: TOKENOMICS And TOKEN ECONOMY

The 32nd Cafe Blockchain event, was held on August 29, 2022, at Cafe Synergy about tokenomics and token economy. The …

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Poster Cafe blockchain event - Blockchain and distributed artificial intelligence- Reza nourmohammadi

33rd Cafe Blockchain: Blockchain and Distributed artificial intelligence (AI)

The 33rd Cafe Blockchain meeting will talk about blockchain and distributed artificial intelligence (AI). Some people don’t trust these technologies and think they are just popular for no reason, but in fact, they work well together and can make each other better.

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31st Cafeblockchain: Zero Knowledge proofs and their usecases

the 31st edition of Blockchain Cafe, held at INIF on February 17, 2020. Uncover the applications of encryption in blockchain, focusing on preserving privacy and related functionalities. Join Kaveh Moshtag as he discusses Secret Sharing, Shamir, Zero-Knowledge Proofs, and their practical uses, including secure key sharing, private smart contracts, and confidential voting. Engage in the exploration of the Blockstack platform with Mr. Hamid Khademi and Monib Ali’s pursuit of a free internet.

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30th Cafe Blockchain: Open Innovation, Social Change and Blockchain

the 30th Blockchain Cafe event, held on Jan 20, 2020.. It highlights open innovation and the role of blockchain in social transformation with Sepehr Mohammadi. We also reviewed Tomochain with Hamid Khademi.

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29th Cafe Blockchain: Algo-Trading and Wealthtech in cryptocurrency market

29th Cafe blockchain event was held on 9 Dec 2019 at FABA center about algo trading in crypto market and use of wealth-tech in this market. This Event speakers was Mojtaba Niazi and Hamid Khademi.

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Cafe Blockchain: Blockchain and AI ,Stablecoins

28th cafe blockchain event held on oct 7, 2019 about useage of blockchain in AI landscape and the changes we need beforehand. also we talked about stablecoins which are a prominent usecase for blockchain technology. This event presentes was Reza Noormohammadi, Meysam Abdollahi and Mahdi Heidari.

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