29th Cafe Blockchain: Algo-Trading and Wealthtech in cryptocurrency market

The 29th Blockchain Cafe was held on December 9, 2019, at the Electronic
Banking Cultural and Educational Center (FABA) on Italy Street, Tehran.
In this program, after the news, we delved into an insightful
discussion about algorithmic trading and wealth-tech in the
cryptocurrency market.

 Algorithmic trading involves using computer algorithms to execute trades based on pre-defined criteria, enabling faster and more efficient transactions.

Wealth-tech, short for wealth technology, refers
to the integration of technology into the financial services industry to
optimize wealth management and investment processes. This cutting-edge
approach combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data
analytics to offer personalized financial advice, portfolio management,
and investment solutions. Mr. Mojtaba Niazi, the Investment Team Manager
at Citex company, served as the main speaker for the wealth-tech topic,
sharing valuable insights into its transformative impact on the
cryptocurrency market. Additionally, a market analysis segment was
conducted with Hamid Khademi, further enriching our understanding of the
evolving crypto landscape.

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December 9, 2019


Mojtaba Niazi, Hamid Khademi


FABA Center

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