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About Cafe blockchain

In the vast realm of technology in Iran, a group of seasoned entrepreneurs embarked on a remarkable journey. They founded Cafe Blockchain in 2017, with a noble mission to cultivate an ecosystem for blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Cafe Blockchain emerged as a beloved and influential gathering, uniting specialists passionate about the transformative power of blockchain and digital currencies.



Community Building

What we did?

+33 Events held

+60 Speakers

+20 Partners and sponsors

+600 Unique participants

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Event Timeline

4:30 PM
Guest admission

On event day, You can enter event area from 4:30 PM. 

5:00 PM
Briefing and News

Every Cafe blockchain event begins with a highlight of notable news from last event till the day.

5:20 PM
Crypto Market discussion

We talk about cryptocurrencies market analysis and new investment opportunities. 

5:45 PM

Before Main lecture we will have a short break and small networking time.

6:00 PM
Main Lecture

Each event has a main lecturer who shares his recent researchs outcomes with our community.

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Mostafa Naghipourfar


Innovation House


Ehsan Darbanian


Latest Blog Posts


27th Cafe Blockchain: Bitcoin SV (BSV) Fork

The 27th Cafe (held on Aug 5,2019) Blockchain Event was focused on introduction of BSV (Bitcoin SV) Fork from Bitcoin. In this Event Meysam Rezaei talked about BSV and participants voice their ideas and opinions about this cryptocurrency.

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28th Cafe Blockchain: legislation and Regulatory on cryptocurrencies

On Sep 16,2019 In cafe blockchain event we talked about regulatory frameworks in cryptocurrencies and blockchain domain. We had prominent guests and activists including Yazdan Abbasi, Mostafa Naghipourfar, Mohammad Jafar Nanakar and Sepehr Mohammadi.

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Cafe Blockchain: Blockchain and AI ,Stablecoins

28th cafe blockchain event held on oct 7, 2019 about useage of blockchain in AI landscape and the changes we need beforehand. also we talked about stablecoins which are a prominent usecase for blockchain technology. This event presentes was Reza Noormohammadi, Meysam Abdollahi and Mahdi Heidari.

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Those whom not only share the dream of a decentralized world with us, but also helped us to build it…

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