About Cafe Blockchain

Cafe Blockchain is a remarkable event that first took off in 2017. It was initiated by a group of seasoned tech entrepreneurs in Iran with the goal of creating an ecosystem for blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the country. Their vision was to leverage this ecosystem to foster entrepreneurship and empower human capital in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Over the years, Cafe Blockchain has become the most enduring event in this domain in Iran, weathering various ups and downs.



Community Building

What have we done?

+33 Events held

+60 Speakers

+20 Partners and sponsors

+1000 Unique participants

What sets Cafe Blockchain apart is its unwavering neutrality. This approach has allowed the event to establish fruitful collaborations with key individuals and renowned companies in the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies in Iran. Consequently, Cafe Blockchain has been able to shape a community of technology enthusiasts, bringing together individuals with a shared passion for blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Cafe Blockchain has been held in diverse venues, covering a wide range of topics. It has become one of the most significant and popular events in its domain in Iran. The primary audience of this event consists of blockchain and cryptocurrency experts in Iran, who eagerly anticipate each edition.

If you are interested in staying informed about the latest advancements, engaging with industry experts, and being part of a vibrant community centered around blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in Iran, Cafe Blockchain is the event you don’t want to miss. Join us and become part of the unfolding story of blockchain innovation in Iran.

Past Presenters

Cafe blockchain proudly hosted over 60 speakers since 2017, Severals of them are prominent entrepreneurs, Tech veterans, C-level officers, Researchers, Developers, Crypto market analysts and traders.

mostafa naghipourfar

Mostafa Naghipourfar

Hossein Zadbar

Hossein Zadbar

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