31st Cafeblockchain: Zero Knowledge proofs and their usecases

This event marked the 31st edition of Blockchain Cafe and took place on February 17, 2020, at INIF (Iranian National Innovation Fund). During the session, Mr. Kaveh Moshtagh discussed the various applications of encryption in blockchain, particularly its role in preserving privacy and related functionalities. Topics included the use of blockchain in voting and its challenges, as well as privacy-focused cryptocurrencies like Monero and Zcash.

The focus of the 31st Blockchain Cafe was Secret Sharing and its algorithms, such as Shamir and Zero-Knowledge Proofs, exploring their concepts and functionalities. These techniques can be utilized for sharing and dividing private keys, inheriting digital assets without intermediaries, implementing private smart contracts, and conducting elections and voting while safeguarding privacy. Additionally, they enable organizing tenders, auctions, and other events while respecting individuals’ privacy.

The event started with Mr. Hamid Khademi delving into the Blockstack platform, one of the oldest blockchain ideas. Monib Ali, a renowned figure in the blockchain ecosystem, has been actively working on this platform since 2013, striving to create a truly free internet for the world. Previous editions of Blockchain Cafe, including the 30th session where Tomo Chain was explored, have garnered significant attention within the Iranian blockchain ecosystem.

The participants’ active involvement in the 31st Blockchain Cafe not only contributed to engaging discussions but also enriched the knowledge exchange about the discussed topics. Besides, the event provided an exciting networking opportunity, with support from the Innovation House and the Blockchain Innovation Lab, fostering collaborations astartup team formations to develop and present innovative projects.

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November 28, 1398


Kaveh Moshtagh, Hamid Khademi



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